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Should You Try to Balance Family and Work?

By: Keaton Fletcher One thing most working adults struggle with is balancing the demands of work and family. Oftentimes we find ourselves needing to be in two places at once, or thinking about work when we should be focusing on what our partner is saying, or treating our employees like our children. All of these … Continue reading “Should You Try to Balance Family and Work?”

The Places People Go

Author:¬†Cathy Liu What is Geographical Mobility? When considering whether someone will move locations for work, a phenomenon called geographic mobility, two demographic factors are traditionally important: college graduate status and employment status. Research on geographic mobility has focused on psychological factors such as personality, and economic factors such as tenure and economic standing, that affect … Continue reading “The Places People Go”

Science Fiction in Work: New Technologies in the Workplace

By: Keaton Fletcher In a recent article, CNN highlighted seven ways in which technological advances are potentially changing the way we work. For example, humans are generally pretty terrible at cybersecurity. Many companies have started to use biometric authentication (e.g., iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, or facial recognition) to provide workers access to computer terminals. Hospitals have … Continue reading “Science Fiction in Work: New Technologies in the Workplace”

Back to the Future: How Current Technological Changes Are Nothing New

By: Keaton Fletcher In a recent podcast, Peter Grumble of Mckinsey Global Institute spoke with Susan Lund (a partner at McKinsey) and Richard Cooper, Maurits C. Boas Professor of International Economics at Harvard University, about the concerns regarding the changes advances in technology may bring about in the workforce. To answer this question, Lund and Cooper look backward toward other … Continue reading “Back to the Future: How Current Technological Changes Are Nothing New”

Being Mindful About Mindfulness

Author:¬†Jacqueline Jung What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness soared into popularity in the 2000s and has since become a topic of interest in nearly every domain of psychology, and an influential practice for a considerable subset of the public (Brown & Ryan, 2003). Mindfulness is generally defined as a state of heightened, intentional, non-judgmental awareness (Kabat-Zinn, 2003). Three components … Continue reading “Being Mindful About Mindfulness”

Welcome to the new GT Work Science Center!

Our decision to launch this Center came after years of discussion with colleagues about limitations of the performance-centric orientation and the relatively insular perspectives often used by scientists who study work and organizational behavior.  Scientific and methodological advances across psychology and other disciplines underscore the importance of understanding work in terms of multilevel dynamic processes.  These … Continue reading “Welcome to the new GT Work Science Center!”