Create. Synthesize. Promote.

Georgia Tech Work Science Center

What we do:

The Work Science Center promotes the psychological study of people and work in the 21st century.  The Center leverages knowledge from psychological sciences and allied disciplines to: 
 1. Promote improved worker health, development, and well-being
2. Increase organizational value through improved job quality and work-life
3. Inform public policy makers to improve lives at work and beyond. 

Why this Center:

Shifting employment options, new work systems, and workforce changes are transforming how people experience work and career paths. The Work Science Center focuses on the psychology of individual-context interactions that underlie working experiences, career biographies, employability, behavior, health, and well-being.

How we work:

We promote progress in basic and translational research on Work Science Center topics through mini-conferences, workshops, our Thinking Forward paper series, news and event announcements, and regular newsletters.