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Network Research Highlight: Are You Successfully Aging at Work?

By: Keaton Fletcher A recent book chapter by Cort Rudolph and Hannes Zacher highlights the complex and dynamic process of aging in the workplace. Unlike many previous conceptualizations of aging at work, Rudolph and Zacher bring attention to the fact that development occurs across the lifespan, not just during youth. Work is increasingly becoming designed to promote continuous learning. This prospect may … Continue reading “Network Research Highlight: Are You Successfully Aging at Work?”

Network Research Highlight: The Benefits of Decent Work

By: Keaton Fletcher Although most people groan and take a bit longer getting ready for work Monday mornings, lamenting the short weekend, David Blustein, Jonas Masdonati, and Jérôme Rossier, suggest maybe we should count our blessings instead since work is a key component of the human condition. In a recent report, Blustein and colleagues highlight the psychological factors that … Continue reading “Network Research Highlight: The Benefits of Decent Work”

Reading the IT Leaves: NSF’s ITEST Program & the Future of Work

By: Keaton Fletcher Technology is clearly changing the entire workforce, but how can workers change to keep up? To help this massive transition, The National Science Foundation sponsored ITEST (Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers). ITEST works to connect students from prekindergarten through 12th grade with professionals in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers to help … Continue reading “Reading the IT Leaves: NSF’s ITEST Program & the Future of Work”

After Automation: Will There Be Enough Jobs?

By: Keaton Fletcher Will your job be replaced by a robot? A report by McKinsey Global Institute suggests probably not. Most people in the workforce today have, like those before them, wondered whether they will be replaced by new technology. The concern is so great, that Time Magazine released an article and an associated widget that tells you the odds of … Continue reading “After Automation: Will There Be Enough Jobs?”

Humans: Predictably Irrational

By: Keaton Fletcher Humans are predictably irrational, and organizations can capitalize upon this fact to enhance the working experience as well as their own profits. In a recent podcast, Tim Dickson, on behalf of McKinsey & Company, hosted Julia Sperling, Anna Güntner, and Magdalena Smith to talk about a variety of ways organizations can influence the … Continue reading “Humans: Predictably Irrational”

Network Research Highlight: Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Justice

By: Keaton Fletcher Our very own advisory council member, Dr. Deborah E. Rupp recently published two papers on related topics: corporate social responsibility and organizational justice. In collaboration with Omer Farooq and Mariam Farooq, Rupp tackles the issue of corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is the notion that an organization has a moral obligation to provide benefits and positive outcomes to society. In other … Continue reading “Network Research Highlight: Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Justice”

Is Work Killing People?

By: Keaton Fletcher In a recent interview, Jeffrey Pfeffer author of Dying for a Paycheck, paints a dark picture of the modern workforce that boils down to four words: work is killing people. In his book and subsequent interview, Pfeffer echoes Robert Chapman’s argument that work is the source of stress, and stress causes chronic disease which plays a … Continue reading “Is Work Killing People?”