WSC Network – Work

Tammy Allen

Research Interests: Work-family, Career, Development, Lifespan, Mindfulness, Health, Behaviors

I study work-family, occupational health, career development across the lifespan, mindfulness, and organizational citizenship behaviors.

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Boris Baltes

Research Interests: Work-family, Age, Conflict, Older

My research interests are on age and workplace issues as well as work-family conflict/balance for older workers.

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Malissa Clark

Research Interests: Emotions, Processes, Workaholism

I study dynamic work and family processes for individuals and working couples, emotions at work/home, and workaholism.

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Franco Fraccaroli

Research Interests: Age, Well-being, Workaholism

My research interests are on age and work, organizational well-being, and workaholism.

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Kim French

Research Interests: Work-family, Health

My research interests center around work-family issues and health with a focus on underrepresented populations.