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Tara Behrend

Research Interests: Technology, Skills, Development

My research has to do with the ways technology is changing the world; especially with regard to skills development.

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Andrew Goldblatt

Research Interests: Technology, Selection, Assessment, Leadership, Development

I am interested in selection, assessment, executive leadership development, and the impact of technology on all three areas.

Kostadin Kushlev

Research Interests: Technology, Training, Communication, Well-being, Stress, Teams, Virtual

I study employee well-being, stress, organizational communication, productivity, virtual teams, and technology-enabled training.

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Richard N. Landers

Research Interests: Technology, Learning, Assessment, Hiring

I study the intersection between technology/data science with employee assessment/hiring, learning, and research methods.

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Cody Scarborough

Research Interests: Technology, Leadership, Wellness

My research interests are workplace wellness, leadership consultation, and wellness technology.