WSC Network – Team

Gilad Chen

Research Interests: Leadership, Motivation, Teams

My research interests focus on teams, motivation, leadership, and employee and unit effectiveness.

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Angie Copado

Research Interests: Development, Teams

My interest is in teams and talent development.

Verlin Hinsz

Research Interests: Decision, Motivation, Social, Teams

My research focuses on the social and informational factors related to judgment and decision making (in teams) and work motivation.

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Kostadin Kushlev

Research Interests: Technology, Training, Communication, Well-being, Stress, Teams, Virtual

I study employee well-being, stress, organizational communication, productivity, virtual teams, and technology-enabled training.

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Margaret Luciano

Research Interests: Healthcare, Team, Transitions

My research program involves taking a multilevel, multi-team approach to facilitating transitions in healthcare systems

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Kathryn Narciso

Research Interests: Skills, Development, Teamwork

I am interested in improving teamwork skills for personal development.

Sharon K. Parker

Research Interests: Leadership, Change, Design, Self, Health, Well-being, Performance, Teams

My research interests are on work design, job design, proactivity, self-efficacy, teams, organizational change, performance, health and well-being, and leadership.

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Christina E. Shalley

Research Interests: Innovation, Creativity, Team

My primary research interest is on creativity/innovation. This work is conducted at both the individual and team level.

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