WSC Network – Stress

Kostadin Kushlev

Research Interests: Technology, Training, Communication, Well-being, Stress, Teams, Virtual

I study employee well-being, stress, organizational communication, productivity, virtual teams, and technology-enabled training.

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Mindy Shoss

Research Interests: Behavior, Counterproductive, Insecurity, Performance, Coping, Stress

My research examines work stress and coping, job insecurity, adaptive performance, and counterproductive work behavior.

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Sabine Sonnentag

Research Interests: Stressors

I study how individuals can stay healthy, energetic, and productive at work, even when they face a high level of job stressors.

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Kibibi Springs

Research Interests: Engagement, Management, Recovery, Well-being, Stress

I am interested in workplace well-being, stress management, stress recovery, and work engagement.

Donald M. Truxillo

Research Interests: Age, Aging, Hiring, Design, Stress

I am interested in the intersection of aging and work, especially from the standpoint of job design and age stereotyping.  I also study worker stress and the impact of hiring practices on workers.

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