WSC Network – Social

Sonit Bafna

Research Interests: Environment, Behaviors, Social

I study the built environment and its relationship with social, cultural, and imaginative aspects of life with a focus on understanding how the organization of building spaces shapes both task-related behaviors and social life

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Staci Bullard

Research Interests: Environment, Social

I am interested in group dynamics. I am interested in how various forms of pathology impact a work environment as well as intrapersonal / interpersonal relationships. I am interested in topics such as social dominance and how family systems mirror organizational systems.

Ayana R. Cummings

Research Interests: Behavior, Culture, Decision, Social

I am interested in social power and organizational culture, consumer purchase behavior, and ethical decision-making.

Verlin Hinsz

Research Interests: Decision, Motivation, Social, Teams

My research focuses on the social and informational factors related to judgment and decision making (in teams) and work motivation.

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Tiffany Johnson

Research Interests: Autism, Diversity, Social Stigma

My research focuses on diversity/inclusion, stigma, social interactions, and autism at work.

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Charles Parsons

Research Interests: Socialization

I am interested in person-organization fit and socialization.

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Deborah E. Rupp

Research Interests: Assessment, Behavioral, Bias, Justice, Legal, Social

I conduct research on workplace bias, employee justice, behavioral ethics, and corporate social responsibility, as well as on behavioral assessment and legal issues pertaining to equal employment opportunity. 

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Rob Snyder

Research Interests: Cognitive, Social

My research applies social cognitive neuroscience to organizational questions.

Craig Zimring

Research Interests: Innovation, Environment, Behavior Change, Design, Healthcare, Performance, Social

My expertise lies in the field of evidence-based design of healthcare. My research focuses on understanding the relationships between the physical environment and human satisfaction, performance and behavior, focusing on settings where design impacts people at the most important times of their lives and where technical and social change provides opportunities for innovation.

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