WSC Network – Motivation

Phillip L. Ackerman

Research Interests: Skills, Abilities, Cognitive, Development, Motivation, Personality, Self

I study adolescent and adult skills and intellectual development from a “whole-person” perspective that takes account of cognitive abilities, personality, interests, motivation, and self-concept.

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Gilad Chen

Research Interests: Leadership, Motivation, Teams

My research interests focus on teams, motivation, leadership, and employee and unit effectiveness.

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Verlin Hinsz

Research Interests: Decision, Motivation, Social, Teams

My research focuses on the social and informational factors related to judgment and decision making (in teams) and work motivation.

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Kraig Schell

Research Interests: Assessment, Motivation

My research is on motivation, educational assessment, and applications of error theory.

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Jürgen Wegge

Research Interests: Leadership, Change, Diversity, Motivation, Health

My research interests are in the fields of work motivation, leadership, demographic change, occupational health, and diversity.

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