WSC Network – Health

Tammy Allen

Research Interests: Work-family, Career, Development, Lifespan, Mindfulness, Health, Behaviors

I study work-family, occupational health, career development across the lifespan, mindfulness, and organizational citizenship behaviors.

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Terry Blum

Research Interests: Leadership, Behavioral, Disability, Health

My research focuses on disability and work, behavioral health, and leadership.

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Gwen Fisher

Research Interests: Aging, Health, Retirement

My research examines occupational health psychology, aging workforce and retirement, and work/family issues.

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Kim French

Research Interests: Work-family, Health

My research interests center around work-family issues and health with a focus on underrepresented populations.

Margaret Luciano

Research Interests: Healthcare, Team, Transitions

My research program involves taking a multilevel, multi-team approach to facilitating transitions in healthcare systems

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Sharon K. Parker

Research Interests: Leadership, Change, Design, Self, Health, Well-being, Performance, Teams

My research interests are on work design, job design, proactivity, self-efficacy, teams, organizational change, performance, health and well-being, and leadership.

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Ruperto Perez

Research Interests: Diversity, Gender, Health

My research focuses on collegiate mental health, sexual orientation and gender diversity, and diversity and inclusion.

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Ashishkumar Trivedi

Research Interests: Workplace health, wellbeing, Health

Workplace health and wellbeing especially in unorganized sectors and SMEs

Jürgen Wegge

Research Interests: Leadership, Change, Diversity, Motivation, Health

My research interests are in the fields of work motivation, leadership, demographic change, occupational health, and diversity.

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Craig Zimring

Research Interests: Innovation, Environment, Behavior, Change, Design, Healthcare, Performance, Social

My expertise lies in the field of evidence-based design of healthcare. My research focuses on understanding the relationships between the physical environment and human satisfaction, performance and behavior, focusing on settings where design impacts people at the most important times of their lives and where technical and social change provides opportunities for innovation.

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