WSC Network – Diversity

Darrell Norman Burrell

Research Interests: Diversity

My research focuses on diversity and inclusion in the workplace with special emphasis on conflicts related to differences driven by religion and race.

Mikki Hebl

Research Interests: 
Discrimination, Diversity, Gender, Management

My research focuses on diversity management, gender issues, and discrimination.

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Tiffany Johnson

Research Interests: Autism, Diversity, Social, Stigma

My research focuses on diversity/inclusion, stigma, social interactions, and autism at work.

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Ruperto Perez

Research Interests: Diversity, Gender, Health

My research focuses on collegiate mental health, sexual orientation and gender diversity, and diversity and inclusion.

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Jürgen Wegge

Research Interests: Leadership, Change, Diversity, Motivation, Health

My research interests are in the fields of work motivation, leadership, demographic change, occupational health, and diversity.

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