WSC Network – Development

Phillip L. Ackerman

Research Interests: Skills, Abilities, Cognitive, Development, Motivation, Personality, Self

I study adolescent and adult skills and intellectual development from a “whole-person” perspective that takes account of cognitive abilities, personality, interests, motivation, and self-concept.

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Tammy Allen

Research Interests: Work-family, Career, Development, Lifespan, Mindfulness, Health, Behaviors

I study work-family, occupational health, career development across the lifespan, mindfulness, and organizational citizenship behaviors.

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Tara Behrend

Research Interests: Technology, Skills, Development

My research has to do with the ways technology is changing the world; especially with regard to skills development.

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Angie Copado

Research Interests: Development, Teams

My interest is in teams and talent development.

Alexander Gloss

Research Interests: Development, Entrepreneurship, Humanitarian

My research interests are in humanitarian work psychology, the relationship of socioeconomic development and work, and entrepreneurship.

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Andrew Goldblatt

Research Interests: Technology, Selection, Assessment, Leadership, Development

I am interested in selection, assessment, executive leadership development, and the impact of technology on all three areas.

Eric Heggestad

Research Interests: Assessment, Development

My research interests are on talent acquisition, the development of assessment tools, and the use of assessment tools in work contexts.

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Michele Ingram Mobley

Research Interests: Selection, Assessment, Development

I am interested in assessment, selection, and development.

Kathryn Narciso

Research Interests:  Skills, Development, Teamwork

I am interested in improving teamwork skills for personal development.