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The impact of work in people’s lives: An overview of the Boston College Working Project
Speaker Name:
David Blustein

On Wednesday, December 6th the Work Science Center hosted another guest for its Work Science Speaker Series. Dr. David Blustein is a professor in Boston College's Department of Counseling, Developmental, and Education Psychology. Dr. Blustein spoke about the dichotomous purposes for which individuals work: to survive or to feel accomplished.

In his talk, entitled: “The impact of work in people’s lives: An overview of the Boston College Working Project”, Dr. Blustein reviewed the major findings from a comprehensive qualitative study of working in the U.S., known as the Boston College Working Project. This study sought to identify the lived experience of 61 adults using a purposive sample from a diverse array of settings with a particular focus on the participants’ work lives. This study identified a growing sense of social and psychological erosion in the workplace, which has manifested in a wide array of ways, including increased self- and other blame, as well as a fragmented sense of security.  The presentation concluded with future research directions and implications for public policy based on the very rich findings from this study.

What Makes Buildings Human?
Speaker Name:
Dr. Sonit Bafna

Dr. Sonit Bafna, Associate Professor in Georgia Tech's School of Architecture, presented three studies showing the effect of unit organization on the amount of time nurses spend in patients' rooms, the association between apartment layout and depression, and the relationship between thought and design in architecture.